The Winds of Change



I can feel it in my bones,
Like when the autumn leaves
Swirled in vortexes
Outside my window
As I sat, chin on hand,
Wondering what was the point.

When they come,
They come suddenly,
Just when you think nothing will
Ever change – that stagnant
Water will always fill your drinking glass.
And then you wake up one morning
A million miles away,
A magic carpet cushioning your feet
From the morning chill.

Author: Virginia Wagner Galfo

These are scary times. Prepare yourself to take a stand for what is right. God damn it, just be kind!

One thought on “The Winds of Change”

  1. Yeah, change… the free ticket that just keeps coming back and if you go on that ride and take your experience with you as your guide… then it’s all good!
    Thanks, Virginia for more words that lead to satori.


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