A Day at the Museum


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I spent the better part of this afternoon at the wonderful DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum in Williamsburg, VA. The building that houses the various collections looks so unassuming from the outside that I didn’t expect to be completely thrilled.

The museum is part of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, a non-profit organization that is a world-leader in educating people about life in Colonial America. They have a fantastic web site, www.cwf.org, if you are interested exploring from afar.


There is an extensive exhibit of ceramics, silver, textiles,and folk art, a children’s exhibit complete with tables supplied with crayons, colored pencils, and pictures to color and take home, plus they host programs throughout the month that include music, lectures, and historical interpretations.

Drummer boy

If you are planning a trip to Williamsburg, definitely plan to spend at least half a day at the DeWitt Wallace. I’m looking forward to my next visit!


Author: Virginia Wagner Galfo

These are scary times. Prepare yourself to take a stand for what is right. God damn it, just be kind!

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