Spring, Once so Distant, is Here

I have never been great with plants – giving me a house plant was usually just the interim step before its leaves dropped off and it keeled over and ended up in the house plant graveyard; but, apparently with age comes wisdom. You have to water plants… and provide them with sunlight. 

Knowing my personal truth, I decided to splurge in the Dollar Store and by four packets of flower seeds (for a dollar). Thinking it would be another lesson in futility, but also thinking maybe this time… I dumped the entire contents of two seed packets into two not-so-big pots, stuck them in a sunny window, and actually remembered to water them. Now, I have a frenzy of little tiny marigold plants, and a blizzard of petunias. Which takes me back to last fall when my husband helped me plant about 50 tulip bulbs. I watched a how-to video, put a layer of chicken wire over the bulbs, and took my usual wait-and-see attitude. Much to my surprise, like the gazillion tiny plants in my kitchen, the tulips have poked through the surface and are on their way to becoming bona fide flowers. Amazing!

I took the photo of the red bud trees last year. They are just about to bloom right now, but the non-gardener in me is impatient for results and in need of bursting colors, so I looked back instead of looking forward. 

I’ll let you now how the tulips fare.



Author: Virginia Wagner Galfo

These are scary times. Prepare yourself to take a stand for what is right. God damn it, just be kind!

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