Brian Tobin, a NYC Original

On August 13th, my friend Brian Tobin passed from this world into whatever heaven we perceive. He was a gentle soul. We met in the early 90s and he told me he was available to help me cart my PA and gear to gigs far and wide. And that he did. He was better than a mail carrier. He showed up in rain, snow, floods, extreme heat, he was there for me. He never missed a NYC gig.

When I got a job offer in South Florida, I called him, and he cheerfully agreed to drive me (and my two pets) from North Jersey to a moon landing called Port St. Lucie. Brian was living 20 miles away, then, in Tequesta, with his wife Meta, and he became close friends with my husband, Greg.

Brian has been a tightly knit part of the fabric of my life for so long, and now that he’s transitioned to the other side, I’m okay for a few days, and then I just break down in tears. I’m grateful to Meta for her friendship and for the love and care she gave Brian over the last months of his earthly existence. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but she did it with grace and love. I am honored to count her among my friends.

I chose the New Mexico landscape with the single insistent cloud to represent my buddy.   Jesus, I’m going to miss him.

For all of you who are grieving for a loved one, I am with you.

Photo credit of Brian: Rod MacDonald